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  1. LARDI Q3 Case Report

    Thank you for keeping up with LARDI and her activities. Below is a list of the cases we handled in 2023 Q3. We are committed to providing indigent drug arrestees with adequate legal representation and refer them to our partners to provide medical care and rehabilitation where necessary.

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    The first quarter of 2023 had some interesting events that we would share with you in this issue. We handled 28 cases that are at various stages, with about 19 concluded cases. In February, we were invited to a workshop on the alternatives to incarceration for people with drug use disorders in contact with the criminal justice system. This is directly connected with our mandate; a shift from punitive to medical treatment in drug cases before courts across Nigeria.

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  3. CRISA Presentation 2021

    Issues Affecting Criminal Justice Administration for Drug Related Offenses in Nigeria: A look into the New Sentencing Guidelines.

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  4. LEGALResponse SEPTEMBER 2021 ISSUE 5

    LARDI members have been busy this quarter. We had quite a number of ongoing and concluded cases reported by members in 13 states across the country. In this edition, we have an extra special piece titled: The Reward for Rendering Pro Bono Services. We hope you draw some inspiration from selflessness and kindness. Enjoy.

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  5. LEGALResponse JUNE 2021 ISSUE 4

    The Judiciary Staff Union of Nigeria (JUSUN) strike put a lull on our case report for this quarter but some members were able to report cases which we will share with you. Some of our academic minds have done an amazing job reviewing a couple of cases we have handled. One of the articles looked at the consequences of a plea of guilty in a drug charge. These and more are what you will find in this edition. Enjoy.

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  6. CCPJ 2021 Side Event Presentation

    LARDI was honoured to be a part of the event. We discussed the challenges faced by legal aid lawyers defending drug arrestees in Nigeria.

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  7. First Quarter Journal 2021

    In the wake of COVID-19 in 2020, and the aftermath societal readjustment in 2021, LARDI members have continued to push forward and have not relented in the campaign for the right to health and justice of drug dependents and indigent drug arrestees respectively.

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  8. LARDI Marks World Drugs Day 2020

    Theme: Better Knowledge for Better Care #FactsForSolidarity, #WDD Members of the Legal Advocacy Response to Drugs Initiative (LARDI) in Akwa Ibom State (Clifford Thomas Esq.); Benue State (Kelvin Iorzenda, Sunday Akoh and A. A. Andenira); Sokoto State (Rashidat Mohammed); and Ogun State (Isaac Izunya and George Oyeniyi) represented LARDI in this year’s celebration of the World Drug Day in their respective states.

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  9. LARDI Marks World Drugs Day: Special Edition

    LARDI celebrated the World Drugs Day 2019 with very colourful events in different parts of the country. Download our newsletter to see for yourself.

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  10. Inaugural Newsletter

    This publication covers our inauguration, it further explains our objectives and how we hope to acheive them. We also have some beautiful articles from some members on drugs.

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